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The Amazing Impact of Social Media on Travel

Posted on 16 November 2017 by Trent F (0)

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Have you ever come to think how you decide as to your next holiday destination? Chances are that you have checked a hotel on Facebook or you have seen a video on YouTube. Instagram also adds to your inspiration, thanks to the plethora of images on display. You simply type a hashtag and thousands of images appear. And at the same time, there are endless travel blogs that share content about holiday destinations that they have visited.


And don’t forget review platforms, such as TripAdvisor or Booking. Everyone can join and express their opinion, sharing their experiences with the rest of the world. From hotels to sights and attractions, cafeterias and restaurants, they are all there and they are constantly reviewed by people on an ongoing basis. So even when something changes, it is made clear and the world knows about it. A new chef? Renovation in the bathrooms or rude staff? Nothing stays in the shadows!


How does this all work? Well, it is pretty simple. Social media platforms are based on human interaction. This means that people see something that they like and feel the need to share it with their friends or followers. As a result, an attractive picture will soon become viral. There will be likes, comments and shares. And this is the epitome of social media marketing.


Why is it so important to identify the true power of social media? But because it reflects the truth. Although websites might beautify things and show only the strong points of a specific destination, in social media platforms people share information to people. Of course, there are business accounts and therefore advertising is a thing. But right below each post, social media users are encouraged to interact and express their thoughts.


So if a hotel posts a marvelous photo of its swimming pool and it has nothing to do with the reality, users will leave a comment and contest the validity of the post. This is the beauty of social media! And on the other hand, social media can also reward great quality of services. As a consequence, when seeing that a hotel ranks stellar in its reviews, then in all likelihood it is a wonderful hotel and is worth checking it out!


From everything that has been pointed out above, it makes perfect sense why social media platforms have become so powerful over the years. They can become real assets not only communication-wise, but also when it comes to information on various industries – one of which is tourism, for sure!